Corporate Swag

Promotional Products, Branded Merchandise and Logo’d Apparel

Looking to create iconic experiences with your brand? From custom apparel to branded drinkware, and everything in between, our corporate swag is designed to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re surprising employees, delighting clients, or jazzing up your next event, our branded merchandise is sure to keep your brand top of mind. Promotional merchandise works and studies have shown that 85% of people remember the company that gave them a cool promo item!

With years of expertise and thousands of suppliers, DLA Promotions is your go-to for all things promotional. We've helped companies across a wide range of industries - retail, food & beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, education, non-profits, financial services, tech and more - use promotional products to drive their brands forward for clients and associates! And you seamlessly give back to save lives via our 100% fully philanthropic approach. Buy Swag, Save Lives!

E-Company Stores

B2B & B2C Technology Solutions

Introducing our custom-built solution designed to meet your unique needs! DLA Promotions offers a full suite of promotional merchandise-based e-commerce and technology solutions.  Flexibility and customization are at the core of what we do—as is creating the right solution that minimize risks (both inventory and cyber) and get the job done.  Right technology for the right solution that works.

Though we’re not a tech company, our powerful platform makes managing promotional products, branded merchandise, loyalty programs, print materials, and event assets a breeze—all in one place. Let us simplify and streamline your business processes with our industry-leading solutions.

Kitting & Custom Packaging

Brand Building

Presentation is everything! From clever, custom packaging to eye-catching POS displays, to a full suite of conference/convention items—all are key to elevating your brand. Whether you’re packaging/kitting corporate swag, promotional products, or creating unique point-of-sale displays, standing out and showcasing your brand’s quality is essential.

At DLA Promotions, we specialize in both quick-turn, smaller run projects produced domestically, and larger, custom packaging and POS displays crafted in collaboration with overseas factories. Let us help you make a lasting impression with top-notch presentation solutions.

Tradeshow & Events

Customer Acquisition & Appreciation

From the look/feel of your conference booth, to the table covers, to the giveaways—our unwavering goal is to make you attract existing and potential clients.   And our order management system can get out in front of your events to save you on shipping costs!   We have a full range of  affordable and intriguing conference swag and apparel--- and, if required, we can produce many of them within 24 hours! (plus shipping time).

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Inventory Management Solutions

Carrying inventory comes with risks and rewards.  DLA Promotions skillfully  guides you through the inventory process, ensures you sidestep key risk factors and gets you ready for top-notch warehousing and fulfillment experience!  Thanks to our partnership with an industry leader, we offer proven process-driven solution that's perfectly scalable to fit your needs. Enjoy real-time inventory reporting, climate-controlled facilities, secure storage for high-value products, digital print-on-demand, and more.

Our technology can integrate with our partner’s warehouse management software (WMS), ensuring smooth and efficient operations. DLA Promotions is fully equipped to handle your warehousing and fulfillment with ease and precision!

DLA Promotions is a wholly owned subsidiaryof Donate Life America

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